The Bible is one of the fundamental manuscripts which belongs to the majority of mankind. To some people it signifies God’s writing of revelation, to the others it is merely a cultural and historic record, yet, to all it is a source of eternal inspiration, and encouragement of thought and mind. Its messages, metaphors and symbols have been absorbed by civilizations, particularly Western ones, for thousands of years.

Therefore it is perfectly understandable and necessary that the Bible has inspired and encouraged all kinds of artists who, in its themes, searched and found initiations, motifs or even a polemical challenge to create their own world as well as their own understanding of it.

Slovene painter Goran J. Horvat is one of the many explorers, among whom there are also the most renowned artists in the world that had to pay a tribute to this fundamental document of our civilization. He was forced to do this by one of the basic characteristics of his creative mind, which is obvious from the fact that he is repeatedly carried away towards his own experience and meditation on the themes that are of concern to the public. It seems as if the painter, in his creative enthusiasm , had to express his own personal view of such a grand matter.

The energy which he worked with on the Bible is unique and admirable. Due to the unusual potential of his mental and physical efforts he created about three hundred paintings on Biblical themes in a short period of time…